Joel Chasnoff | Joel’s Offerings
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Joel’s Offerings

Comedy. The Israeli Army. Improv 101. Check out Joel’s offerings and what he can do for your community.

1. JOEL CHASNOFF LIVE. 60 minutes of clean, clever stand-up.

2. CRYBABY BRIGADE. Tales from Joel’s service in the IDF, from basic training through Lebanon. Includes Q&A and discussion of battlefield ethics. Based on his memoir, The 188th Crybaby Brigade.

3. ISRAEL—WHAT’S THE STORY? Joel’s interactive-theatre workshop about how we relate to Israel.

4. COMEDIAN IN RESIDENCE WEEKEND. Laugh and learn over a weekend that includes

  • Joel Chasnoff Live
  • Crybaby Brigade
  • Israel: What’s the Story?
  • 30 Jokes in 60 Minutes: A hilarious lecture on Jewish humor.
  • Improv 101: An introduction to improvisational comedy for adults and teens.
“How can a comedian be a teacher? Talking about Israel is getting harder and harder. Joel Chasnoff is not just a comedian—he’s a great teacher who will help kids and staff start talking about Israel again.”

Rabbi Daniel Greyber
Beth El Synagogue
Durham, NC