Joel Chasnoff | Israel – What’s the Story?
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Israel – What’s the Story?

“Joel was hilarious, poignant, educational and inspiring.”

Loui Dobin | Director, URJ Greene Family Camp


Israel – What’s the Story? uses comedy and characters to create a safe space for healthy discussion about Israel.


In one unforgettable hour, Joel Chasnoff portrays four characters, who each have a unique view on Zionism. The outspoken Sabra. The selfless fundraiser. The people-minded rabbi and the left-leaning pacifist…


Will the real Zionist please stand up?


Audience members are invited to challenge, question, and argue with the character of their choice…and Joel, in character, argues back!

“Joel’s ‘Israel – What’s the Story?’ program captured the imagination and challenged our whole staff. Our Israeli shlichim understood it clearly and picked up the themes with vital conversation between them, reflecting a wide variety of perspectives.”

Jerry Kaye
Director, URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute



“I have never witnessed such precision in a talk. Within two minutes, after having the whole room roar with laughter at his tremendous humor, he had provoked a discussion that raised people out of their seats in order for their opinions to be heard.”

Katie Wilson
URJ Camp Coleman



“Since Joel is a former IDF soldier, he’s able to express a unique point of view about life in Israel and his significant military service in a very funny way that kept the audience laughing non-stop.”

Ro’ee Ezuz
Israel Emissary, Jewish Agency for Israel



“’Israel – What’s the Story?’ was truly an amazing show. Never before have I experienced a comedian who can use his humor to make the audience laugh at the same time he is infuriating them with very controversial but thought provoking ideas.”

Talia Boxman
URJ Greene Family Camp



“’Israel – What’s the Story?’, a one man educational program about the complexity of the Jewish relationship with Zionism, is funny, educational and a dose of reality. Joel brings his gift with impressions, his knowledge of Israeli culture and his passion for Israel to the stage. This program can be the catalyst for powerful conversations about our own connection to Israel and Israelis.”

Laurence Jacobs
North American Coordinator, NFTY in Israel