Project Elijah - Joel Chasnoff
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Project Elijah

Walking through the market with Rav Beroka, Elijah the Prophet pointed to a pair of men and declared, “These two have a place in the World to Come.” Rav Beroka approached the men and asked them who they were and what they did. “We are badkanim – jokers,” the men replied. “We are cheerful and bring joy to those who are sad.”

The Talmud, Taanis 22A

Joel donates a portion of all income from performances and book sales to his charitable foundation, Project Elijah.


Project Elijah helps communities in need in two ways:


Hands-on Projects: In its first venture, Project Elijah sent 100 low-income New York City schoolchildren to the circus. The foundation has since developed an ongoing relationship with Part-of-the-Solution, a soup kitchen in the Bronx.


Distribution of Funds: Project Elijah contributes funds to American Jewish World Service, Doctors Without Borders, City Harvest and other charitable organizations.